Hello dear, 


I am glad you are curious. Let`s start with an introduction.


I am an artist, a bibliophile, and a sapiosexual. I have chosen to pursue an artistic career after trying everything from Chinese linguistics to financial advising.  


My choice to take a distance from morals accepted by society is one of  my  biggest achievements. The lifestyle of a libertine gives me the ultimate pleasure of personal freedom,  alongside with the luxury of exploring both physical and intellectual sides of being human. 

I know a little bit about just nearly everything, ravenous to learn more. I'm a foodie, a devoted reader and a jazz lover.  I'd love to hear about your passions and obsessions. 


What can be better than a little adventure in our lives  when you least expect it?


Let me seduce you. I truly enjoy building up the excitement for as long as possible.  I will gladly join you for an opera or a rock concert. Let`s watch a theater play together or go hiking. ​ Let's enjoy long dinners filled with flirtation and champagne, let’s walk through a museum while speaking with double entendre. Imagine the light scent of Chanel No. 5 in the air, random touch and longing for  more...


I am here to embrace you just as you are, including your emotions, desires and curiosities. I will welcome you with open arms and the warmest of greetings because I really do want to spend time with you. Expect extreme generosity on my part, a desire for us to get to know each other through fun, fascinating conversations, flirtatious caresses and unbridled desire.

Looking forward to being hedonistic with you.